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In 1998 a group of London based artists came together to explore inclusive ways of working within their particular art forms.

Face Front Inclusive Theatre originally came out of The Inclusive Arts Campaign.

A group of London based artists who were all committed to working inclusively within their particular art form.

Annie Smol and Andrew Mclay, the founder members, then started to experiment with different ways of working in theatre with a variety of artists.

Workshop sessions resulted in a series of short performances with the aim for disabled artists to have the opportunity to develop  their skills while creating a new, accessible form of theatre.

The first full length production ‘Who Cares’ saw long-term members Ilan Dwek, Shirley Mason, Peter Faventi and Julie Parker join the company and put their mark on its development, with Catrin Thomas and Jon French joining within the next two years.

The first shows used inclusive teams creating theatre to stimulate audiences on different sensory levels.

We experimented interweaving the visual (physical theatre, movement, film) and the aural (song, sound-scaping, poetry and music) using sign language and audio description as an integral part of the performance.

Face Front’s style developed over the years but has always aimed to give the audience different routes of access to the performance, enabling everyone to have a quality theatrical experience.